About us

We have been working since 2009. We specialize in interior design of new buildings and apartments in new building development projects. We work mainly in modern styles.

Our services are characterized by perfectly elaborated 3D designs and implementation documents, according to which even demanding interiors can be easily realized. When designing, we emphasize functionality, aesthetics and feasibility of projects, both from the technological side and from the client’s financial possibilities.

Our motto is complete customer satisfaction with the finished interior.

Our team

Bc. Galina Čížková

For me, a well-designed interior has to be comfortable and functional above all. That’s why I pay a lot of attention to ergonomics when designing. Another important thing is that the designed interior is easy to implement, so we make sure that the drawings and other documents are accurate and detailed. For your project, I will make a survey, layout and documents for implementation.

BcA. Svetlana Golounina

I studied design and psychology, so I am a designer with a focus on beauty and people. I’m the one on our team who does the 3D visualizations. I will find out what your preferences and tastes are, advise you on style, colours and materials, as well as any issues of compromise and meeting the needs of each member of your family etc. I will help you make your home cozy, nice and happy.

We work together on every project. Our job is to make sure you get exactly what you want (maybe despite not knowing what you want at the beginning 😊).

Principles of our work

We save the customer time and money

  • we implement the project according to your budget and time requirements
  • optimising your costs
  • discounts on materials and services from our proven suppliers
  • organization of the process in such a way that it saves your time as much as possible

We comply with all construction technologies

Our construction and design departments have been coordinating with each other for many years. The result is detailed, realistic design projects. We take into account aspects such as the properties and compatibility of materials, the progress of the individual stages of construction work and the handling of non-standard situations.

A comfortable, convenient and happy home

Our company employs a psychologist who specialises in interior ergonomics.

  • finds out the individual ideas and requirements of each member of your family and proposes a harmonious solution in a uniform interior
  • improve the comfort of all occupants based on knowledge of how different interior elements affect a person’s emotional and physical state


  • We are always in touch
  • We strictly adhere to agreed deadlines and cooperation plans
  • We will keep you informed about all the details of the reconstruction
  • We will bring your project to a successful conclusion