Interior design studio

Development of a design project
Procurement of materials
Implementation of turnkey repairs

Our services:

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding consultation in our office or in your apartment
We will create an interior for your happy and comfortable life

Planning, style and color solutions

Selection of materials and furniture

Creation of all necessary drawings

Author's supervision

A turnkey project is possible

We create an interior that will generate a profit for you

We will create a business plan for your project

Design development

We will carry out the reconstruction and furnish the apartment

We will start your renting project

A turnkey project is possible

Graphic display that will ensure the success of your presentation

3D interiors

3D exteriors

3D development projects

3D visualization of goods

We will prepare 4 camera views for each room


We save the customers' time and money

  • we implement the project according to your budget and time requirements
  • optimization of your costs
  • discounts on materials and services from our proven suppliers
  • organization of the process in such a way as to save your time as much as possible

We adhere to all construction technologies

Our construction and design departments have been coordinating with each other for many years. The result is well-thought-out realistic design projects. We take into account such aspects as the properties and compatibility of materials, the progress of individual stages of construction work and the solution of non-standard situations.

Comfortable, convenient and happy home

Our company employs a psychologist who specializes in interior ergonomics.
  • she will find out the individual ideas and requirements of each member of your family and proposes a harmonious solution in a unified interior
  • she will improve the comfort of all residents based on knowledge of how different elements of the interior affect a person’s emotional and physical condition


  • We are always in touch
  • We strictly adhere to the agreed deadlines and cooperation plans
  • We will inform you about all the details of the reconstruction
  • We will bring your project to a successful end


Michael Oliva
Michael Oliva
Domluva, spolupráce, výsledek, vše v naprosté spokojenosti. Už se moc těšíme na to, až se to dostane do reálné podoby 🙂 podklady chválí i stavební firma, vše je zpracované do posledního detailu, doporučujeme
Sergejus Butovas
Sergejus Butovas
Hello everyone! Many of us know how difficult to reinnovate old houses and rooms if you are not professional and have only limited resources. Luckily I stumled across this small design company and should say, these guys were of great help! Just within couple of days we had already first draft of design and few weeks later we started to implement our ideas. They are really professional! So many things concerning craftsman selection and quality control would never come to my mind. It spared me nerves, time and a lot of money. To make the story short, if you are about to build or reinnovate an appartment, house or any type of real estate, these guys will definitely help you to make your dream real.
Ekaterina Markova
Ekaterina Markova
Это было приятное, профессиональное и продуктивное сотрудничество. Рекомендую!
Tatiana Kachurenko
Tatiana Kachurenko
Chci poděkovat společnosti Interium Pro za skvěle odvedenou práci při řešení mého interieru. Od návrhu,přes realizaci včetně dodržení všech podmínek smlouvy. Velice vstřícný, profesionální přístup. Při výběru této firmy získáte top kvalitu, top servis a top design vašeho interiéru.
Veronika Vertlina
Veronika Vertlina
When we were planning to build our house, we were hesitant to spend money on an interior designer. Now as we come to the end of the realization, I see it was good idea. How many mistakes were prevented and how many successful solutions were found. Thanks to the team for listening to all our wishes and walking this path with us.
Olga Kolesova
Olga Kolesova
Byla jsem spokojená s návrhem a výsledkem. Rychlé pěkné, takže za mě super.
A Gmx
A Gmx
Marcela Pátková
Marcela Pátková
Alex Vertlin
Alex Vertlin
CSU Firma
CSU Firma
Kvalitní práce a dokonalý servis. Můžu jen doporučit.




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