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15 tips on how to create an erotic atmosphere in the bedroom

Advice from a designer and psychologist

In the tumultuous phase at the beginning of a relationship, a couple just needs to be left alone to enjoy the closeness of each other. But as we grow older and the marriage lasts, the passion fades, worries mount and lovemaking takes a back seat. But sex is a great pleasure that nature has given us. Quality sex improves health, brings partners closer together, reduces stress, calms arguments and makes us stronger and happier people. Psychologists have developed a number of different methods to help people maintain the intensity of intimate life. This includes improving physical fitness, seduction techniques, special clothes and toys, creating rituals and spicy situations.

Today we will consider how the space we are in affects our appetite for sex. We will analyze the factors and elements of the interior that provoke and strengthen desire, and at the same time those that dampen it.

What does a room that is ideal for lovemaking look like?

Above all, it is a room that brings us a sense of intimacy and security, that helps us tune in to the experience of closeness.

1. Disposition

The bedroom is a private zone, ideally separate even if you and your partner live alone, preferably it should be a separate isolated room. Research has shown that people feel most attuned to sex in small, cozy rooms.

2. Shapes

Rounded shapes, resembling the lines of the human body, are popular today and are a good choice for safety reasons as they do not have sharp edges. The combination of rounded and rectangular shapes reminds us of the fusion of the masculine and feminine elements. Sloping lines and asymmetries are dynamic and stimulating to the psyche, which is why we use these elements in interiors for partners who complain of a lack of energy.

3. Temperature

The room should be warm enough, as making love implies exposure. Few will be willing to undress in a cold room. In addition, we perceive a decrease in air temperature as a signal to sleep, which dampens the erotic mood.

4. Lighting

Most couples prefer a haven that allows them to relax and enjoy their partner at the same time.

5. Security

If you have children or other relatives living with you, it’s important to minimise noise – make sure no one can hear you. First of all, it is a bed that should not creak. Then there is the furniture and decorations placed next to the bed – these must be stable or well fixed so as not to cause fear of injury should they accidentally break during love play.

6. Intimacy

If you want to create an atmosphere of security and privacy, you need to remove external irritants and make sure that no one disturbs you – close the door securely, turn off your mobile phone and make sure you have enough time.

7. Convenience

A bed with a high soft headboard will be a good choice. A springy mattress will add extra sensation, but a mattress with shape memory can cause you to start sinking into it, so it’s best to try it out before you buy. If you use sex aids, a lockable bedside table drawer can be a practical solution. When you get the urge to spice up your sex play with a toy or lube, it’s much better if you don’t have to run to the loft to get it and everything is close at hand. If you like to experiment, you might consider a wide, well-secured windowsill, a soft rug or a comfortable chair.

8. Room furnishings - what should not be in the bedroom

It is important to understand that the function of the bedroom is sexual gratification and sleep, to separate these functions from each other and at the same time exclude other uses of this room. Avoid putting a workspace or anything else in your bedroom that could remind you of work and potentially cause anxiety or worry. If you don’t have this option, try to visually separate or hide the workstation, for example, by hiding it behind a wardrobe door.

Big mirror

Children’s toys, as well as household items should also not be in the temple of love. In general, the fewer external stimuli there are around us, the easier it is to focus on sensual pleasures, so it’s better not to overload the bedroom with books, an open wardrobe or a displayed collection, at least if the collection doesn’t have erotic overtones. For the same reson, you shouldn’t put photos of other people in your bedroom – they shouldn’t be witnesses to your intimate life. On the other hand, your own photos, reminiscent of, for example, a romantic trip or the beginning of the relationship, can serve as excellent catalysts for your sex drive.

Room furnishings - what will help spark the fire of your intimate relationships?

There are a number of universal and individual stimuli that can be implemented indoors that help to tune in to sex and intensify desire. In this article I will talk about universal stimuli, which have evolved through evolution and are very well researched, have a psychophysiological basis and affect most people, but to varying degrees. Therefore, you need to choose the ones that suit your couple.

9. Fire

It is one of the strongest stimuli. The fire gives us flickering illumination, semi-darkness and warmth, creating an atmosphere of safety and intimacy. Therefore, we can light candles or install a bio-fireplace in the bedroom, there is a large selection of them on the market today. An experienced designer will select a model that matches your style and the technical parameters of your room.


10. The colour red

It has a stimulating effect on the psyche, increases the sex drive. If this colour is in our field of vision, the partner appears more attractive. However, the downside of red is that it tires quickly, which is why it is not often seen in residential interiors. A good solution may be to use it in “special cases”. Usually, long-term partners don’t make love every day. On days when sex is the order of the day, try using red bedding or a plaid, placing a burgundy rug or hanging a painting in red tones on the wall. Some partners already have their own experience of the positive influence of the colour red. We can propose a permanent solution to such people. For example, they can have double curtains, where in normal use red can be hidden behind other neutral colours and used to create mood if desired. Another safe option can be a wall painted red at the head of the bed – it doesn’t get in the field of view when resting and doesn’t interfere with relaxation, and partners can enjoy the stimulating effect of colour during times of emotional pleasure.

The wall at the head of the bed painted red
Double hinges

11. Erotica

Paintings, posters, prints, statues or other decorative elements that show the beauty of the human body or a love connection capture attention and set the mood for sex just as photographs of food stimulate the appetite. If your bedroom is frequented by children or you’re shy of overly bold imagery, turn to the classics or modern art – it’s always possible to find something charming, after all, sometimes all it takes is a hint to remind us of the emotional pleasure.


12. Natural materials

Like fire stones of warm hues, wood, large living plants, savanna grass, palm leaves, animal skins, shaggy carpets, the images of African animals recall the time of man’s origins, distract us from everyday concerns and return us to natural instincts when sex was natural and wild.

13. Mirrors

A mirror that stands by the bed, a wardrobe with mirrored doors or even a mirror placed on the ceiling can add colour and variety to your intimate life. It allows you to see yourself and your partner in seductive angles and to look at yourself. Of course, not everyone likes it when their own reflection accompanies them in times of sleep and rest. In this case, a floor mirror can be used to create a seductive atmosphere, which can then be turned away from the bed. The floor mirror also suits lovers who have decided to try this delicacy for the first time. In case you don’t like it or, on the contrary, if you want a permanent solution, you can return it to the store.

14. Bathroom or shower

It is in the shower that most teenagers begin to enjoy their emerging sexuality, which is why water treatments often evoke sexual associations. Taking a shower or bath together excites many adults. An enclosed bathroom can become an excellent alternative to a bedroom, especially when there are children in the house.

When designing a private bathroom with an exit from the bedroom, it is possible to install it behind a glass partition and enjoy the view of your partner directly from the bedroom. You can maintain the possibility of intimacy or add a little mystery by using curtains, blinds or choosing a frosted glass partition. In order to see if this solution suits them, we recommend that clients spend a night in a hotel with a similar layout before deciding to remodel in this spirit.

15. Individual factors

As for individual catalysts of sexual desires, these are stimuli that for some reason have a strong influence on some people because of personal taste and experience. It can be objects, smells, lighting, music that bring back romantic memories or evoke great sex in some way.

Externally, they are completely neutral, but for a certain person they have a sexual subtext, which makes it possible to use them to intensify passion. For example, for someone, the sexual atmosphere is one of luxury, a hotel, a forest, the seashore or memories of a passionate dance.

There are many such stimuli, but sometimes one is not aware of them. When we work on bedroom design, clients often express a desire to create a room not only for sleep, but also a place for emotional experiences. In such cases, we talk to them in detail and find the “fires” that can then ignite the flame of passion. If you don’t have such special associations, they can easily be created using certain methods. In the following article I will show with examples how to find or create such stimuli within yourself and embody them in the interior of your temple of love.

So, we have discussed the most common factors and details of interior design that motivate and provoke us to indulge in the joys of love. This material has been developed based on a lot of research and my design experience.

And what do you think is the ideal place for lovemaking?

Text and illustrations by Svetlana Golounina

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