When to contact designers?

New construction, house building or renovation - at what stage is it best to contact interior designers?

By working with a residential designer early on, you can avoid mistakes in your project and avoid unnecessary expenses, and this collaboration will also help make your home nice, cozy and functional.

Apartment in new building

It is best to contact designers before the client change stage.

At some stage the developer will ask you to make client changes – selecting materials, doors, sanitary fittings and accessories. It’s ideal if you already have a design project in place at that time. Based on your needs and preferences, the designer will help you choose a layout, and you may find that you need to move partitions, pipes and electricity. It will also help you with the choice of materials and building elements. In this way, you will get an apartment from the developer that will fully meet your requirements, without the need for subsequent reconstruction and without the hassle of fine-tuning the appearance of the floors and tiles to the style you like.

Are you building a house?

Call a designer once you have an architectural study. We will convert the architect’s drawings into 3D format, prepare several layout options for you, arrange the furniture and take you on a virtual tour of your future house. For example, you can find out if the bedroom window is too big, if the fireplace fits better in another corner or if you need more space in the bathroom.


It is best to contact the designers before starting the construction work.

It can be said that a design project is a guide for reconstruction, furniture placement and decoration, which has been created with the active participation of the client so that the future interior will match his tastes and needs. This guide will greatly facilitate budget planning, finding craftsmen and contractors, their work and coordination. At the same time, a design project will help you avoid rushing, unnecessary costs and redesigns, saving you nerves and time.

Of course, we are talking about ideal cases here. If your house is already under construction or you have already received the keys to the apartment from the developer, we will also help you to think through the layout, choose furniture, lighting and decorations, to make your home stylish, cozy and comfortable.

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